THURSDAY February 11th, 2016

Opening Session: 10.00 – 11.30

10.00 – 10.05        Welcoming Remarks: HRH Princess Dr. Nisreen El-Hashemite, Executive Director, Royal Academy of Science International
           Trust, Founder of Women in Science International League
10.05 – 10.10        Opening Remarks: Hon. Dr. Helena Dalli, Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties, Malta

10.10 – 10.20        H.E. Ms. Lakshmi Puri, Assistant Secretary-General, Deputy Executive Director, UN Women
10.20 – 10.25        Statement by H.E. Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, President of the Republic of Cyprus – Video Message
10.25 – 10.30        Girls in Science: 11 year old Rebecca Jekogian
10.30 – 10.35        HE for SHE Pledge From HRH Prince Zein El-Hashemite
10.35 – 10.45        Statement by Director General of UNESCO, Represented by Ms. Marie Paule Roudil, Special Representative and Director of
           UNESCO Office at the United Nations
10.45 – 10.50        Statement by H.E. Mr. Luis Guillermo Solís, President of Costa Rica – Video Message
10.50 – 10.55        Youth Vision: Miss Begum Kogar
10.55 – 11.05        Dr. Ann Lee-Karlon, President, Association of Women in Science
11.05 – 11.15        Statement by H.E. Ms. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of the Republic of Malta
11.15 – 11.20        Letters of Congratulations from Elected Representatives in New York City and State – Read by Richard Jordan
11.20 – 11.30        One Woman Performance: by Nilgun Yerli (Face of Netherlands)

11.30 – 11.40        HEALTH BREAK

1st Session: 11:40 – 13.00
    Policy Imperatives for Women and Girls in Science

11.40 – 11.50        H.E. Mr. Mogens Lykketoft, President of the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly
11.50 – 11.55        Chair: Ms. Daniela Bas, Director of Division of Social Policy and Development – United Nations Department of Economic
           and Social Affairs
11.55 – 12.00        H.E. Ms. Veronika Skvortsova, Minister of Health, Russian Federation
12.05 – 12.15        Ms. Kathryn Brown, President and CEO, Internet Society
12.15 – 12.20        Statement by H.E. Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, Executive Director, UNFPA
12.20 – 12.25        Hon. Mr. Michael Browne, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Antigua and Barbuda
12.25 – 12.30        Jacqueline McGlade, Chief Scientist, Director, Division of Early Warning and Assessment, United Nations Environment
           Programme (UNEP) – Video Message
12.30 – 12.35        Hon. Mr. Samy Gemayel MP, Lebanon
12.35 – 12.40        H.E. Mr. M. Riadh Ben Sliman, Deputy Permanent Representative of Tunisia to the United Nations

12.40 – 12.45        Mr. Vinicius Pinheiro, Director and Special Representative of the International Labour Organization Liaison Office to the UN
12.45 – 12.55        H.E. Mr. Riyad H. Mansour, Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine to the United Nations

13.00 – 15.00          Lunch Break

2nd Session: 15.00 – 18:00
    Parity in Science for Sustainable Development

    Chairs: HRH Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite, and Hon. Dr. Helena Dalli, Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties, Malta
15.00 – 15.05          Opening Remarks:
    Mr. Maher Nasser, Director of the Outreach Division in the United Nations Department of Public Information

15.05 – 15.15          Dr. Susan Finn - President of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
15.15 – 15.20          H.E. Mrs. Elisenda Vives Balmaña, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Andorra to the United Nations

15.20 – 15.25          Statement by H.E. Maja Makovec Brencic Min. of Education, Science, & Sport, Slovenia (Video Message)

15.30 – 15.35          Professor William Best, Professor of Practice Electrical and Computer Engineering and co-Director of Lehigh’s innovative
             IDEAS, Lehigh University, USA
15.35 – 15.40          H.E. Mr. Ufuk Gokcen, Permanent Observer of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to the United Nations

15.40 – 15.45          Dr. David Kenneth Waldman  - Founder/President/CEO, To Love Children Educational Foundation International

15.45 – 15.50          Youth Remarks: Veronica McKinny, Sanjana Shree Chintalapudi, Elena Martin and Sonja Gorman, Lehigh University, USA
15.50 – 15.55          Ms. Banan H AL Banna, Content developer & Evaluation Officer, Mishkat Interactive Center for Atomic & Renewable
    Energy and Talents, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
15.55 – 16.00          H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma - CEO ABZESOLAR S.A., Founder and Leader of The Initiative MAMA-LIGHT for
    Sustainable Energy, Burkina Faso
16.00 – 16.05          Prof. Nilufer Narli, Chairperson of Sociology Department and the Director of Center for Society, Health Behaviour and
    Preventive Studies, Bahcesehir University, Turkey
16.05 – 16.10          Renee Horton, IUPAP WIP, r NASA Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) in New Orleans, LA as the lead Space Launch
    System (SLS) Core Stage Metallic and Weld Engineer.
16.10 – 16.15          Toshi Kato, Vice President, Chuo University, Japan - Video Message
16.15 – 16.30          Chairs will open the floor to the delegations and other participants for 2 minute remarks / interventions

16.30 – 16.40        Health Break

16.40 – 16.45          Dr. Ifeyinwa Ofong, President of Women in Development and Environment Organization, Nigeria
16.45 – 16.55          Prof. Nimmi Ramanujam, Founder of Women’s Health Technologies Center, Duke University
16.55 – 17.00          Prof. Elizabeth P Henske, MD, Director, Center for LAM Research and Clinical Care, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and
    Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston MA.
17.00 – 17.05          Ms. Gloria Blackwell, Vice President of Fellowships Grants & Global Programs, American Association of University
    Women (AAUW)
17.05 – 17.10          Kathleen O'Hara MA LPC Victim Service Specialist

17.10 – 17.15          Remarks by Mrs. Nayeema Khan and two students, Khan’s Tutorial
17.15 – 17.20          Mr. Katsuhiko Imada - Counselor, Permanent Mission of Japan to the UN
17.20 – 17.50          Chairs will open the floor to the delegations and other participants for 2 minute remarks / interventions
17.50 – 18.00          Closing Remarks by the Chairs

International Day of
Women & Girls in Science
February 11
Día Internacional de la
Mujer y la Niña en la Ciencia
Международный день
женщин и девочек в науке
Journée Internationale des
Femmes et des Filles de Science
International Day of
Women and Girls in Science
اليوم الدولي للمرأة والفتاة في ميدان العلوم
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