Now that Christmas is over and the New Year is approaching, let’s start off this New Year on a good note.

The question pertaining to education this month is:

What are your opinions on the role of education in promoting equality, and especially for girls in the sciences? In other words, why is education so important in achieving parity?

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One thought on “Education Question of the Month”

  1. Access to quality educational materials, coursework and a supportive community has the possibility of developing people, not just products. If we are able to nurture the minds of young girls and help them to see their worth , not just as young women in traditional roles, but as productive members in a global society, we will be able to motivate an untapped army of innovators in countries where equal rights and societal expectations have habitually worked to keep young girls within the domestic sphere as wives and mothers. Access to mentors and even the simplest tools like a basic calculator or a cell phone provide both financial connectivity and a universal path to exploring the unknown and discovering answers from around the globe.

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