If we had 30 seconds and we had to pitch our platform to someone on an elevator, what would we say?

Ready. Set. Go.

The Girls in Science platform provides an opportunity to youth from all around the world to share and discuss the best practices to achieving parity in the sciences. What’s special about this is that the youth are being heard – by officials at the United Nations – and their ideas are being further discussed at national and international levels. In addition to this, our platform joins cultures and civilization. It is a place where youth from all around the world, youth from different walks of life and from different experiences, convene in a common goal. 

So, there you go! Now, when you meet someone interested in sustainable development and science, here’s a sample pitch you can give!

In all seriousness, we’ve had youth contributions from China, India, Canada, Costa Rica, El-Salvador, United Kingdom, Morocco, the USA, Indonesia, and more!

Join this interconnected and collaborative network today by applying here!

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