Water is Life: SDG 6

“Water is Life”. This year marks the beginning of the International Decade for Action on Water for Sustainable Development (2018-2028).

Access to water and sanitation is a precondition to life and a declared human right. Water is vitally important to sustainable development – from health and nutrition, to gender equity and economics.

We would like to hear your opinion about how we can help the International Community and policy-makers to achieve SDG 6 which aims to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all by improving water quality, increasing water-use efficiency, implementing integrated water resources management, protecting and restoring water-related eco- systems, expanding international cooperation and capacity-building support to developing countries in water and sanitation-related activities and programmes, and more.

This month, we’ll be discussing water and pollution. Technology wastes are a big issue, as when they are not recycled, they can pollute the waterways, leading to high levels of chemicals which are detrimental for the ecosystem. Another potential area to discuss is other wastes dumped in the water, such as remaining or expired medicines in Switzerland. What are your thoughts and how can we combat this?