Your Phone and the Environment: A Toxic Combination

When was the last time your phone or computer cracked? When was the last time you choose to fix it rather than buy a new one? I bet we all aim for the latter because it’s more luxury and we say to ourselves: “I am going to spend the same amount of money on fixing why not buy a new one?” Nice reasoning, but looking at it, it’s not so nice for the environment. The device we trew away didn’t actually disappear and it’s still in the environment, the scavengers burn it to get the copper, but the word “burn” is not neutral to the air. Moreover, if not disposed properly toxins from electronic waste can enter the soil and water supplies.These toxins are hidden safely in our devices but once we break the shell, elements such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, copper, beryllium, barium, chromium, nickel, zinc, silver and gold leak and contaminate their immediate environment , and the probability of the contamination increases when the device is in the garbidge or thrown in the street or a landfill . The danger is immediate . The toxic breath can be devastating to our health and the environment, as for the soil its pollution is certain.Ironically even though the consumer knows the gravity of the electronical waste on the environment he cannot stop buying the goods hence the nomination, but landfilling, acid baths or incineration aren’t the answer to this dilemma.Thus recycling is the only possible solution on the absence of reusing e-waste . Certain agencies such as EPA, Earth 911, eCyclingCenter, Call2Recycle, GreenerGadgets and Electronic Industries Alliance can be helpful to recycle our unused device and free us from the guilty feeling .Do these kind of agencies exist in your city or country? If not are you considering to take the action and create a small one that recycles traditional e-waste?