Innovating to Eliminate Plastic

The world is being taken over by plastic. We have the power to make a difference. We do not need plastic as much as we think we do; there are alternatives. 

Lush Cosmetics has changed the foundation of personal care products from mostly liquid to more solids – just add water.  So there is no need for plastic wrapping. In 2016, this one company used 135,000 pounds less than used in 2015! 

Carlsberg Group just came out with a revolutionary way to eliminate the plastic rings for six packs of their canned beer, which are so dangerous to marine life. For 50 years, this small package has killed millions of sea creatures. Finally, the beverage industry is innovating to eliminate these unnecessary deaths. Carlsberg has engineered a glue that not only eliminates the plastic but is also recyclable. Now, this one company saves 1,322 tons of plastic every year! 

Although Lush and Carlsberg are part of extremely diverse industries, both have used innovation to better the seas and our planet. These are great examples of companies taking the lead in corporate responsibility by considering the life cycle of their packaging. Because of them other companies are following.

What other examples do you know of that are setting the lead? How can we as individuals support these companies?