Peri : Making it a better place for a hard hearing person

Have you ever been into a situation when you needed to run after a deaf person or a hard hearing one because you couldn’t alert him/her from the back, and unfortunately sometimes you couldn’t make it in time and the purpose of the call was crucial…?

I hope not but if you did, you would have found Peri useful at the time.

Peri is a design of eyeglasses that makes you ‘See’ sounds around. This new design idea translates audio cue to visual ones, notifying or even warning a hard hearing individual of someone calling for him/her.

The innovators of Peri are a group of students at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Inspired by shoot-em-up video games, which typically show a red glow in the direction from which an enemy is shooting at you, these glasses will light up at the edges when they detect sound in that direction.

The accessory includes four microphones to be attached at the corners of the eyeglasses and can be turned for sensitivity to noise volume. The lights will correspond with the direction that the loudest noise comes from.

You can see the prototype below :

Peri is still in the prototyping phase however when it will finally come to life it will improve millions of lives.

In your opinion do you think that this innovation will contribute to improving the lives of hard hearing people, maybe ease their lives as scientists? Share with us your opinion.