Contributions Guidelines


This Platform is a great network and community to share Girls in Science vision and best practices to achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

We would like to hear from as many of you as possible.

This International Platform gives every Girl in Science the opportunity to share her opinion.

To ensure girls’ voices are heard from everywhere, every girls’ voice will be counted and represented in our annual report we will present to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and President of General Assembly to distribute to Policy-Makers worldwide.

We are the generation of Technology, so we are utilizing technology to widen horizons of girls, and to inform youth of the variety of options that are available to them (that they might not even have considered), whether it’s engineering, physical sciences, or social sciences. We’d like to raise awareness of how science touches our everyday lives, to excite the interest in science to real life, and to show the younger generations the importance of sciences in achieving sustainable development in a country. We can also help each other with the exchange of our knowledge with technology.

Through our Platform we encourage and enhance critical thinking (on world issues, for example) from a younger age. This is invaluable for youth no matter what field they choose to go into.

We encourage you to discuss and debate your thoughts and vision. 

Please keep your entries at 500 words maximum and please be wary of very sensitive content, content that may cause dissension with a specific group, or content targeting a specific person. Please be considerate of others and their beliefs and values when writing your opinions. We want this to be a very safe and welcoming space for girls in science around the world to join together in this powerful movement.

1.     Background Information about the topic, and its significance.

2.     Issues/challenges in your local community, pertaining to the topic.

3.     Recommendations / solutions

4.     How can these be implemented, and how can we measure the effectiveness?

This initiative started by Girls in Science, however the platform is for every Youth (girls and boys) believing in Sustainable Development Goals

We will be offering certificates of appreciation and participation to members who make meaningful contributions to this Platform.

We would really appreciate it, if you could please keep the contribution guide in mind. This would help us ensure that this International Platform is a safe space, and that all the girls and youth who engage on this platform are aware of the topic in discussion.

Thank you!