About Shining Stars

We’ve all watched Hidden Figures and read the novel, which based on the great story of inspiring women in science at NASA. While there are so many great female scientific figures shining like stars in every society and community, they are often not given the credit they deserve. In this section we explore these shining stars who have contributed and have made an impact in their society.

Please tell us about a shining star ‘Woman in Science’ in your community, whether she is a teacher, nurse, economist, engineer, scientist, doctor, etc., and the contributions she has made to the society’s development. Also, share why she inspires and motivates you.


There are so many Women in Science who have a positive impact and have paved the path to a meaningful tomorrow- and unfortunately have not been given the recognition they truly deserve. There is at least one shining star in everyone’s life; please tell us about them, using the form below!