Contribution Guidelines

The Girls in Science 4 SDGs International Platform is the collaborative space for all girls in science and youth change makers (boys also) to share their vision and best practices for achieving gender parity and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our richly diverse and supportive international platform seeks to ensure every girls’ voice is counted. We will formulate a report based on the contributions generated, to present to the United Nations’ Secretary-General and the President of the General Assembly, for them to distribute to policymakers and Member States worldwide.

Please encourage and enhance each other’s critical thinking:

  • Research background information about the topic, and its significance.
  • Assess the topic through the lens of your local community.
  • Think about recommendations and solutions.
  • Consider how your suggestions might be implemented, and, if so, how the effectiveness of our solution could be measured.

Please reflect and respond thoughtfully to the contributions of your colleagues:

  • Do your part to keep this platform a safe space for everyone.
  • Connect with your colleagues as collaborators not competitors.
  • Use this platform to exchange your knowledge and ideas.
  • Be considerate and respect the beliefs and values of others.
  • Be mindful not to target a specific person or group.
  • Handle potentially sensitive content with care to avoid dissension.
  • Keep your contributions to 500 words max.

Together, we can create scaleable solutions for sustainable development.