Program Agenda

Tuesday 11 February


8.30 – 9.45: Arrival and Registration

10.00 – 10.45:   High-Level Opening Segment “From Dream to Reality: Five Years Achievements

10.45 – 12.45:   High-Level Panel on “Equality in Science, Technology and Innovation: Global Trends and Challenges

This Panel will focus on:

  • Review of national and regional policies and best practices plans and programmes of action pertaining to Equality in Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Intellectual property and patenting are an important indicator for Investment in Women and Girls in Science: Review of WIPO Data
  • Review of UNCTAD Framework for STI Policy Reviews from Gender Lens
  • Review of Countries National Voluntary Report submitted at HLPF from 2016 – 2019 on Women in Science and Sustainable Development
  • Private Investment policies supporting Women R&D
  • Investment in Women R&D: Corporate Perspective
  • Successful Stories from Women in Science

13.15 – 14.40: Lunch

15.00 – 18.00: High-Level Panel on “Equality in Agricultural Science, Technology and Innovation for Inclusive Green Growth

This Panel will focus on

Session 1:

  • Review on Women representation in Agriculture technology Sector
  • Women in Agriculture: opportunities and challenges
  • Bottom up, pro-poor innovation in agriculture for structural change and rural development: Role of Women in Science
  • Investing in Women in Science and technology to change the landscape of agriculture today for tomorrow: People-Public-Private Partnership
  • Climate smart Agriculture: Private Sector Perspective
  • Women in science as actor for dissemination of agricultural technology in developing countries
  • Women as experts in the fields related to water and sanitation, in achieving sustainable agriculture.

Session 2:

  • Illuminate the complex linkages between nutrition and other sectors highlighted in the SDGs
  • Describe the major challenges related to women and nutrition: addressing nutrition issues through science and technology
  • Highlight new advances in science, technology, and governance that can be used to promote nutrition
  • Identify opportunities for women and girls in science and technology, with an emphasis on nutrition as a way of working across multiple sectors


17.30 – 22.30: Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony


Wednesday 12 February


8.00 – 9.30: Networking Breakfast


10.00 – 11.30: High-Level Session on “Empowering Women in Science Technology and Innovation in the Digital Economy Era

A conversation with Distinguished and Eminent Minds on:

  • How to develop guiding principles for R&D policies in the digital economy era, that is based on Equality and Parity in Science
  • How digitalization is transforming R&D: benefits and challenges
  • Role of R&D and innovation in promoting economic growth,
  • Investment in Women R&D in digital era: Corporate Perspective
  • Planning the future with Women in Science experts for inclusive growth strategies
  • Policies and framework for applying digital measures to R&D which can drive inclusive economic value
  • Building highly skilled human resources based on Equality in STI labour market


11.30 – 13.00: High-Level Session on “Digital Economy and Society: Understanding society’s Culture and Anthropology for Sustainable Development

A conversation with Distinguished and Eminent Minds on:

  • Is digital economy a threat to our societies and culture
  • Creating a culture of learning for the digital economy
  • Shaping the future of digital economy for the Society.
  • Developing an integrated digital economy and culture
  • Economic anthropology to empower and invest in women and girls in science for sustainable development by 2030 and beyond


13.15 – 14.40: Lunch


15.00 – 16.30: High-Level Session on “Reshaping Economic Development through Empowerment of Women in Science

This Session will feature a Conversation with distinguished minds on:

  • The Role of Women’s Contribution to world’s economy
  • Building Women in Science economic empowerment strategies for Sustainable Development
  • How to use trade negotiations to advance women in science economic empowerment.
  • Science to Business: Gender Equality in the Digital Economy Era
  • The Digital Economy: Steps to Secure the Future of Girls in Science
  • Women in Science Entrepreneurs in The Digital Economy: What Skills Do They Really Need?
  • Develop Policies to foster women’s and girls’ full participation in the digital economy.


16.30 – 17.45: Closing Ceremony

  • Official Statements and Remarks
  • Recommendations
  • Signing ceremony of outcome document


17.00 – 20.30: Official Reception Hosted by

the Permanent Mission of Hungary to the United Nations