ILHAM Transforming Our World Competition

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The ILHAM Competition is an annual renewable energy competition for high school aged aspiring scientists.


The Competition was created by Girls in Science 4 SDGs International Platform team members, seeking to solve the Sustainable Development Goals, and is sponsored by the Royal Academy of Science International Trust (‘RASIT’) and the International Chamber of Commerce (‘ICC’).


ILHAM in Arabic and Turkish means inspiration; we hope the Competition will highlight the synergies between SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) and other areas of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development adopted by world leaders in 2015, and inspire you to find solutions.

Please bring your passion, curiosity and engagement for science, and check out our Resource section to further develop the skills to grow your ideas.


Aiming to generate a creative, youth-generated mosaic of innovative local energy solutions, scalable to meet the world’s current challenges, we hope the Competition will provide youth the opportunity to share their vision and cultivate the characteristics of great individuals, dedicated to sustainable development.


We very much look forward to receiving your visionary solutions, introducing you as the next generation of global leaders, and to your further positive contributions to our shared world.

Critical Thinking

Students are invited to explore their scientific interests, while cultivating the characteristics and independent critical thinking skills that turn good students into great individuals, dedicated to sustainable development.


The Competition provides a platform for students to share their vision for solving SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), and seeks to highlight the synergies between the Sustainable Development Goals.


The Competition aims to spark the creation of a mosaic of innovative local energy solutions, scalable to meet the world’s current challenges. In-so-doing, we look forward to introducing the next generation of world leaders.

This year’s Competition is focused on:

Innovating ‘Glocal’ Energy Solutions

    • Please submit your ideas on the development and deployment of innovative concepts, products, initiatives, start-ups, and sustainable energy programs.


    • We strongly encourage you to think in terms of local solutions for these global challenges, and to utilise your research and creative abilities.


  • We look forward to receiving your mosaic of innovative local energy solutions, scalable to meet the world’s current challenges!


Prize Tiers:
  • The winning 3 teams will be awarded prizes, at the discretion of RASIT.
  • The top 10 teams will receive a special certificate of recognition.


  • To be determined by RASIT and its partners.
  • For 2 weeks training in a company or university department.


  • In order to facilitate the above Internship, for 2 weeks training in a company or university department.
  • And/ or, to attend an international event at the UN, or any other relevant conference.

Entry Requirements:

For this Competition, students need only bring their intellect, imagination and time commitment. The Competition’s Resource section contains design thinking advice and sample formal proposals, to support you in contributing your best effort.


Proposals can be submitted by teams of 2, 4 or 6 students (we believe in equal opportunities and equality in science, therefore it is preferable for teams to have a 50:50 ratio of Girls to Boys). All proposals should be submitted, with a one-page Executive Summary/ Abstract (300 words), in one of the following formats:


  • Slideshow Presentation (20 – 40 slides; max 30 MB); or
  • Essay/ Research Paper (2,500 – 6,500 words; 14 pages).
  • For exceptional cases, where teams do not have access to word processing software (Eg. Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Pages), or slideshow presentation creating software (Eg. Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote), videos explaining the concepts and ideas will be accepted (max. 8 minutes).


Entry is open to students from any country and any school (home-schooled candidates are also welcomed). Candidates must be enrolled in high school education, or equivalent, on the date of submission, and must not yet have begun a degree course at university. Submissions should be written in English (those for whom English isn’t their second language, please note, the usage need not be perfect). There is a limit of one submission per team. RASIT will attempt to notify each potential winner of his/ her winning status via the email address provided during the Competition registration. Copyright: all entrants’ rights are reserved to the applicants, RASIT assures. Publicity permissions: Participation in the Competition and acceptance of a Prize constitutes the express permission of the Award winner for RASIT to circulate the winners’ names, submissions, photos, videos etc.


Competition deadline: 17 April, 2020, 00:00 EST.


Submissions should be sent through this Application Form.


Further enquiries should be sent to:

Judging Criteria:

  • Originality/ innovation: is this solution novel?
  • Scalability: is this solution applicable to a variety of contexts, eg. local and global?
  • Feasibility: is this solution viable and cost-effective?
  • Work ethics/ collaboration: from what we can see, did the team collaborate well?
  • Honesty: each submission must be the participants’ original work with citations provided. The submissions must be plagiarism proof, with mentors duly credited.
  • Revision: well developed idea(s)? If not, are there still nuggets of gold to consider?
  • Presentation: effective communication, such as refining ideas to the essentials. Ie. is the concept pitched to both the bricklayer and the professor?
  • Overall impression: this mark is given by judges in the event of a tie.
  • Competition Results: potential winners and finalists will be notified on or about 16 January, 2020.