Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all ”, urges the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4, as doing so is integral to creating an equitable society for all.

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Science, Technology and Innovation

Science and technology are at the forefront of development today and are moving our world to new heights.Science helps us to make sense of the world, and impact positive change in our societies and environment.

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Sustainable Development Goals

The 2030 Agenda is the international community’s commitment to addressing today’s most pressing issues. Youth are integral to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, bearing the consequences should we fail.

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UN Observances

The United Nations special observances promote international awareness and action on a range of issues. These UN observances enable us also to view human rights in a broader context.

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Exploring topics in depth, relevant to attaining gender parity and the Sustainable Development Goals. Please join us bi-monthly to spark ideas and build solutions!

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About Shining Stars

Positively impacting every society and community, female scientists are often not given the credit they deserve. ‘Hidden Figures’ aptly shared the story of three incredible women at NASA, but we know there are many more!

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