A mother and her child having fun

Once upon a time a mother with four kids thrown to the streets with nowhere to go and nothing to eat, she knocked every door but no response received.

Looking at her children living in a garage full of rats starving and freezing to the cold she couldn’t tolerate their suffering so she chose her own…

Thus, she started working as a house cleaner in order to educate her children and provide them with the tools to build their own bright future.

Years past and she woke up every day with the hope that one day these kids will achieve their dreams and do the things she only fantasized about during her dreams.

And they did!

This is not only the story of a poor mother who faced struggles during her life supporting her children, but this is also the story of every strong working woman out there who is willing to suffer to ensure a bright future to her children. Women are strong enough to be mothers, and they are definitely strong enough to be working mothers. All our respect to You, God bless You!

Happy Mother’s Day to you all.


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