Food security is one of the greatest challenges of our time

In 2014, 795 million people suffered from chronic malnutrition and, despite our efforts, currently 1/4 people living in Africa are in poverty and as a result, more than 90 million children under the age of five are underweight

Artificial intelligence has become a word under which we are constantly influenced, due to the constant affirmation that the planet can change through robotics and intelligent technology. Therefore, it is normal that we all see a crucial task the need to apply artificial technology to close the chapter of malnutrition

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According to different studies such as the one prepared by the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC), the important technological advances that are currently taking place could not only cover the demands of food in the future but also completely change the focus of food in a few years.

One of the greatest examples of this would be nutrigenomics, a science more and more common that seeks to provide a molecular explanation to the way in which chemicals ingested by the diet can alter the normal state of health, altering the structure of information genetics. Although it is considered that there is much still to be determined, what is increasingly clear is that the nutrients interact directly with the genes even reaching a protective action against some diseases

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Other emerging technologies that will have a great impact in the field of nutrition are called nanotechnologies. Through this new technology can be controlled from the composition of soils, through the quality and quantity of water, to the productivity of the crops controlling the use and quantity of pesticides

Leaving behind all these speculations, the current reality is that we have a real possibility of effectively addressing the main global dilemmas and solving them in the very near future thanks to a mechanized and probably modified diet.


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