The summers are getting hotter and while European cities are now reaching temperatures over 40°c, many cities around the world have already surpassed these temperatures. Scientific discoveries show that the third largest sector of global warming can be attributed to agriculture. While climate change seems to have gained large-scale understanding over the past year, scientists have both known and been working for decades to find solutions to reduce the footprint from the sector.

Dr. Sherien Elagroudy is an expert, engineer, and advocate who is researching and implementing solutions to reduce the environmental footprint from waste management systems in agriculture. She has been working for almost two decades to improve the waste management systems in her home country, Egypt. During her postgraduate studies, she built a bioreactor that eliminated methane from the machine. Since then, she has continued to work on waste management as a researcher, expert, and supervisor.

Picture Credit: Thao Chi Vu (@chieative).

Her work goes beyond life as a professor and researcher at Ain Shams University, Cairo. From collaborating with students in her college years, to implementing a waste management system, to her current position as a head of the Solid Waste Unit at Chamonics, Dr. Elagroudy has used her expertise as an environmental engineer to improve her community. She has received multiple awards for her work, from being awarded best young scientist in Egypt, invited as a young scientist to the World Economic Forum in China, to receiving the L’Oréal UNESCO Award for Young Scientists.

When Dr. Elagroudy began her career in environmental engineering, she was a pioneer in the field. Environmental issues were radical. Her bravery to challenge the status quo, and to create ground-breaking solutions for her community, reminds us of the importance of thinking creatively and innovating to improve the world that sustains us.


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Alma is an aspiring researcher and policymaker in global health from Gothenburg, Sweden. When she is not studying globally with Minerva Schools at KGI or working with youth organisations, she can be found exploring local food markets and reading.

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