Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga, a graduate in philosophy, mayor of Adeje since 1987 (Canary Islands, Spain), current president of the Association of Tourist Municipalities and the PSOE of the Canary Islands; is developing with his government team, how to turn Adeje into the pioneer municipality in triple sustainability (environmental, social and economic).

Being the center of their actions in environmental matters a large central park, urban, sustainable and self-sufficient for Adeje, or as they call it a new “lung” for the municipality.

Victoria Ballesteros-Gonzalez interviewing Mayor Fraga at his office in Adeje. Picture Credit: Author’s own.

This will consist of 27 thousand 700 square meters of green areas and another 4 thousand
600 with multiple services and leisure offers. The green areas will have a lake, wetlands and productive forests, multiplying exponentially the green mass of that space; But the most important thing is that the park will be permanently passable, for citizen use, with trails and sports areas, children, for adults and recreation, will have a cafeteria, spaces for running and a productive forest. In addition, what is not green space, will be occupied by an interpretation center of local biodiversity, the farmer’s market, congress halls, training classrooms and multifunctional spaces for public use. All with a management completely efficient, sustainable and energy self-sufficient, being completely autonomous from the outside.

They will also create a non-profit Foundation, which will generate the elements necessary for the effective management of the Park and all its elements of value. Incorporating the people to the project, neighbors with difficulties to achieve their labor insertion, people with special needs, with reduced mobility or in search of a new opportunity.

Furthermore, they are also studying with important experts in biodiversity, productive forests and carbon footprint treatment, a way to triple the number of trees planted in Adeje, the creation of a green belt around the urban area, green spaces for public use, productive forests …

Because they are convinced that these policies are not only good for the conservation of the territory and to contribute their grain of sand to the health of the planet, they also believe that they are investments and projects that can generate development and new opportunities.

The Central Park will be located in the area of Las Nieves – Las Torres, in an existing space that has already begun to be regenerated for the use of citizens.

This project includes a firm commitment to the circular economy, with the integral improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of public services, to consume energy only when it is needed, not to waste a liter of water or to prevent vehicles from traveling without need, and it is most visible part of a great idea and illusion for which they are asking for the citizen involvement to continue improving and get Adeje to be written in green.

They are already working directly on the project, and it is expected that in a first phase the Central Park will be operational before 2021. And its full development will be completed in 2024.


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