October 31st marks Halloween festivities, but it is also the celebration of World Cities Day.

World Cities Day is dedicated to the discussion of how urbanization can help us achieve the sustainable development goals. Urbanization becomes increasingly important in major world transformations, since urbanization is expected to double by 2050. Cities have the most power to achieve the sustainable development goals, since so much of the population lives or works in cities. Cities only occupy 2% of the world, yet half of the population, 3.5 billion people, live in cities.

World Cities Day is a part of Urban October, which was designed to focus on urban activities and bring awareness to how much urbanization affects our everyday lives.

Technology becomes increasingly prevalent in today’s world, and more cities implement technology in our everyday lives.

This technology may hold the key to achieving the sustainable development goals. Technology will help make cities more resilient to natural disasters, which is projected to cost three times more economic damage than it will now.

Technology can also help with climate change and the greenhouse effect, which is affecting our atmosphere.

While today is meant for celebrating cities, the ultimate purpose is to work towards the sustainable development goals. Wherever you live, you are welcome to celebrate the achievements of urbanization and also the future of technology in creating a better world for us all.


Megan is a gender-tech activist immensely passionate about bridging the gender gap in technology, fostering underserved girls’ interests in tech through her organization, GEARup4Youth (GEARup4Youth.org).

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