Author: Victoria Ballesteros

Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated the International Day of Happiness as a way to recognise the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world.

This is a great question that all of us have asked ourselves in our lives.
According to José Ortega y Gasset “Felicidad es la vida dedicada a ocupaciones para las cuales cada hombre tiene singular vocación”, “Happiness is when a person dedicates their life to things that they are especially fond of”.

Surely all of us will agree with him. When are we happier than when we do what we like? In our case, it is clear that we love science, and despite what it involve, I am sure that it will continue to make us smile for the rest of our lives. I feel very sorry for people who can not experience the happiness of doing what they love. They will never know the feeling of have something in your hands that at the same time requires a lot of work and even may involve perspiration and tears, it brings an unforgettable smile.
This happiness is really beautiful and strong, but at the same time very difficult to obtain.
We also have the most homelike happiness, not so professional but more familiar. That smile that your family or friends give you when you need it the most. The sound of laughter when you are surrounded by people who really love you and make you happy. THAT IS HAPPINESS IN THE MOST PURE STATE
Happiness can be all that, or it can be a person that makes your day happy, a memory that makes you smile instantly … Happiness is very complex and depends on each one of us

But one thing we must have clear, is that we must be happy and make others happy no matter what happens.
We all go through sad times at some time in our lives, we can not be happy all the time, it’s impossible.
But we can try to enjoy the journey to happiness, learning and smiling even though we are full of pain.
According to a study by Darwin and the subsequent neuroscientific research, the simple act of smiling makes us feel better, that is, when we are wrong, changing our smile and our body posture helps us transform our emotions

I am going to challenge you. Try being happy and make another person happy at least for half of a day for a whole month … It’s very easy to strive to be happy only half day of every day during a month (do what you like, meet someone who will bring you a smile , or do what you think makes you happy because nobody better than you knows) and also make happy if only one person each day during that month (you can visit someone you know is having a bad time to cheer him up, help a friend, or just smile and say hello to someone you see while walking down the street, 90% of the time, according to my experience they smile at you and they stay with that smile, even if you stop seeing them)

Try it, I am sure that after a month, you will be much happier and you will feel more fulfilled

To conclude I send you my most  sincere smile. Have a wonderful day of happiness, try the challenge and say us what is for you the happiness (it is a more complex question than it seems and it will make you reflect)


Victoria is a creative, hardworking, smiling and innovative student who aspires to be an information systems manager. She is a passionate girls and women in science advocate and activist, who enjoys debating and reading.

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