On March 28th and 29th, the IES Ichasagua (Secondary School located in the Canary Islands, Spain) celebrated their intercultural days.
These days have the purpose of benefit coexistence and tolerance in the school.
For this, they did many workshop thanks to the participation of students, their families, and the teaching team

Among the many activities that were made include: Workshop of whistle Gomero, “Batucada”, Developing the logic, Canary Workshop, Judo, Lacrosse, Theater , African aesthetics, Venezuelan food, Kung Fu and Taichi performances, Chinese traditional parade and dance, Japanese massage, Creative writing, Henna, World music, Dragons of the world, Hungarian workshop, Arepas, Female personal defense, Chinese and Arabic calligraphy , Latin dances and the WomenTech Workshop in which we talked about our platform, the role of women in STEM and we talk about some ideas on how to start training and develop in the scientific and equality field (The NYAS, Girls Who Code …)

To learn a little more about this interesting activity, we spoke with Marta García López (coordinator of the Interculturality project of the center, teacher of history and an example of worker and powerful woman) and with José Ramón Mejías (director of the secondary school and teacher of technology, which is also incorporating to the center a project about women scientists, and that has always helped the student to develop, and that never have any problem with the pupils at the time of bringing and making proposals)

Good morning, I would like you to tell us more about the intercultural days.
For example, could be interesting to the lectors if you explain to us where the idea of ​​the activity was born

The project was born together with the center because it is located into the PEC (educational center project) and responds to the needs of our intercultural students.
Currently, it is still maintained by tradition, although the number of days previously devoted to it has been reduced

As explained by the director, the previous coordinator (Beatriz, Spanish and language teacher), had done this activity for a week. But, since I am the coordinator, we have decided to concentrate it in 2 or 3 days, but with a bigger number of workshops, in order to try to adjust it a little more to the dynamics of the center.
In addition every year we see that it works better and has more success and participation

Great, and from your point of view as teachers, what do you think is the effect of this activity in the center?

Ms. García:
I think it has a positive effect because it helps to better integrate students of other nationalities, you can see how students learn in a much more relaxed way while participating and enjoying, in addition, the dynamics of the day to day changes a bit that always it’s profitable

Okay, to conclude I would like to give you a final message.
Ms. Garcia:
From my point of view as a teacher and coordinator, I encourage them to participate, because it is a very enriching experience on all the places where you can find a lot of cultures come together as here.
It is a way for students to understand the behavior of their own classmates (food, games, activities …)
Although it is true that it takes a lot of work and effort, it gives great results, because despite not being a school day, we all come out with a new and rejuvenated spirit

Mr. Mejías:
I join what was said by my partner.
All the areas in the south of the Canary Islands have some similar characteristics in terms of the number of cultures and nationalities, and therefore this project for any place that contains this situation is very beneficial especially for their coexistence, because in the end what we all look for is to be comfortable in our day to day

We also talked with Mirella Lajos and her family. Mirella is a student of 3ESO, she had collaborated with our workshop and this interview, she is also vice president of Girl Up Ichasagua

Well, first of all, I would like to congratulate you for the great workshop you have done and ask you a question. After having already participated in several intercultural weeks at the IES Ichasagua, what is your opinion of the activity? Do you think that it benefits the students in their personal and professional formation?

Lajos Family:
We think that it is a very creative initiative for the center and that it is something very good for the students. We enjoyed the workshops a lot and every year it has been a success. We encourage other high schools around the world to participate and create their own intercultural days

In conclusion, I am sure that after reading this article and the interviews we all agree on the great initiative of the IES Ichasagua due to the great impact it leaves on the coexistence and education of the students, training the citizens of the future, helping them to develop, because knowing different cultures enriches us and opens the mind something that in the 21st century is indispensable and especially for our struggle for equality and a better planet is the best tool, so I encourage you from here to give this idea to your school and to implement it so you can see the benefits in the first person.
And remember education is the way to have a better society in the future,all of we want

It should also be noted that it is not the only activity of this super interesting center, they have different clubs in defense of equality, nature, science, coexistence… They have also won various competitions and prizes and celebrate a lot of different festivities for all the world (like Chinese New Year, Diwali…)

Congratulations to the entire educational team and thank you very much for your cooperation!

Here the link to their facebook site:


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