ACan you imagine yourself working with NASA? What if you were able to experiment with them? That would be great! What experiment would you design? I aspire to be an information system manager, so I would love to experiment with the safety of NASA networks.

Why? In my opinion, one of the most important things when carrying out a project, especially at NASA, is the safety of the project (due to all that it entails). Between June and October of 1999, a young man of just 15 years known as Jonathan Joseph James was able to hack the network of this incredible organization, and less than a year ago, they suffered a hack again. To ensure NASA’s security, I would like to design an experiment to create an unhackable network. I would put together a team of the best cybersecurity experts and I would propose the following challenge: Would humans be able to create an Internet network so strong and inviolable that it would never be hacked? As unreal as it may sound, I am sure that, with the power of collaboration, we would be able to.

Just about 60 years ago the internet was created, revolutionizing the world. At that time the idea seemed crazy, but now the internet is a fundamental element in our lives, and at the pace, we are advancing at, its security will be vital to our future.

I am sure that this idea will be carried out one day and I hope to be one of the people designing it. Humans, including myself, are very ambitious and we love ideas that may originally seem crazy. But if we put in the effort, these crazy ideas can become realities, and this is how we will make progress.

If you could design an experiment with NASA, what would you choose to do?

Enjoy this E-discussion and remember that the best ideas sound crazy!


Victoria is a creative, hardworking, smiling and innovative student who aspires to be an information systems manager. She is a passionate girls and women in science advocate and activist, who enjoys debating and reading.

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