Communication is essential in our modern world. We use communication in all aspects of life, in work and school, as well as in relationships. This incredible ability to communicate allows us to express our emotions and our ideas to one another, and even to the world.

There are so many forms of language, and there are around 6,500 different languages spoken around the world. Language is a form of culture and rich history, with their own unique traits and niches. Along with the spoken languages, there are also universal languages, some of which are the maths and sciences. Although we are separated by distance and by culture, each individual is able to communicate through these two ideas and motions.

There are also unspoken languages—the language of love, compassion, and understanding. All of these unique yet effective forms of communication encapsulate the human experience.

Despite the beauty of linguistics, approximately 17% of the world population remains illiterate today. The International Literacy Day, celebrated annually on September 8, was initiated in order to bring awareness to the ⅕ of the world that is unable to read and write in the languages that we so treasure. The United Nations promotes universal access to quality education and learning opportunities, and it is one of their main goals to promote literacy among youth and give opportunities to adults who may not have had the chance before.

Communication is an integral part of the Girls 4 SDGs platform. We are separated by so much distance and time, yet our goal to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals and support science education in our youth is unifying. It is so important to talk to one another and explain our ideas as well as our action steps, to make sure that all of the girls are on the same page.

I, myself, could not have written this article without knowing how to read and write. The sheer influence of literacy in spreading knowledge and ideas is incredible. It is so important to be able to give these opportunities to learn how to read and write to all of the members of our society, and our world.


Megan is a gender-tech activist immensely passionate about bridging the gender gap in technology, fostering underserved girls’ interests in tech through her organization, GEARup4Youth (

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